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Glutathione is in every cell of your body and your body produces its own glutathione.
Yet, there is a glutathione crisis, especially when it comes to Chronic Lyme disease.

An analogy: Your body produces its own blood plasma. The only time you need to supplement blood plasma is if your are seriously injured and lose a lot of blood or have a physical ailment such as hemophilia.

We have two glutathione products:

► (MaxOne™) is in capsule form and is comprised of D-Ribose and L-Cysteine bonded together to by pass the stomach and go into the cellular structure to create glutathione. Thus it is not a glutathione supplement, but rather a glutathione accelerator.
Sixty capsules for $75 Click here to purchase. If you automatically want a monthly supply sent to you, click here to save $10 per month.

► Nano Glutthione is a glutathione supplement as a liquid taken sublingually under the tongue. Click here to purchase a month's supply for $69.95

Why are you deficient in glutathione? Answer: After age 20 your body produces 10-to- 20% less each decade. 

What diminishes glutathione in the body?

  1. Age
  2. Pollution
  3. Genetic abnormalities
  4. Stress
  5. Infections
  6. Injuries
  7. Radiation
  8. Poor diet
  9. Drugs (alcohol, tobacco, legal and illegal drugs)
  10. Exercise to excess
  11. Poor sleeping habits
  12. Lack of hydration
  13. Pesticides and certain food additives

Why does your body need glutathione?

  1. Glutathione is the major protector of DNA in every cell of your body.

  2. Glutathione is the major protector of the immune system.
  3. Glutathione detoxifies all toxins and heavy metals.
  4. Vitamin A, C, E and alpha lipoic acid can not pass into the cell membrane and be fully metabolized without sufficient amounts of glutathione present in the cell.
  5. Glutathione keeps your cells from prematurely dying so you may live longer.
  6. Glutathione makes it possible for hemoglobin to carry oxygen.
  7. Glutathione is the most powerful antioxidant known. Note that acai berry and similar products only neutralize free radical outside the cell to keep them from getting in the cell whereas glutathione neutralized free radical inside the cell where they do the most damage.
  8. Glutathione is the major anti-inflammatory agent, in the body. In fact every disease known is complicated with inflammation. Add to that all muscle sprains and sinus infections.

In other words, you can do all kinds of things to strengthen your immune function but without sufficient glutathione, your efforts are for naught.

Skin Problems? Even though glutathione is found in every cell in your body, the largest concentration of glutathione in the body is found in the skin?

How do you increase the amount of intra cellular glutathione in your body?

  1. Glutathione can be injected into the bloodstream but it can't pass the cellular membrane to get into the cells. So forget that and its very expensive.
  2. If glutathione is taken internally by mouth, it is destroyed in the stomach. So forget that too.
  3. Using skin patches only affects the level of glutathione in your blood stream--not intracellular. So you only get a small percentage of all the benefits possible.

Glutathione is also the key to slowing down or stopping the premature destruction of cells themselves. This means you live longer as it slows aging.

Why consider adding yet another supplement to your daily regime?

Because Glutathione supports the structure, function and well being of every cell in your body—in fact many supplements are useless without sufficient intracellular glutathione, Dr. Keller, a pioneer in promoting glutathione, surveyed the research reported on pubmed.org and found a whole host of medical problems that are associated with a deficiency of glutathione. Little progress can be made to improve one's health without boosting one's intra cellular glutathione.  Click here to read an opinion paper "Glutathione--A Novel Treatment Target in Psychiatry."

For Dr. Keller's Book Glutathione--Your Best Defense Against Aging, Cellular Damage, and Disease click here.  For Dr. Keller's biography, click here.

How It Has Benefited Others.

My Story

At age 63, I found my knee swelling which became very painful for nearly a year.

I would go to bed feeling fine and noticed pains in my knee as I slept. I’d awaken in the morning with pain in the knee. After about three days it became painfully swollen all day and night. I felt like I was 95 years old. Getting in and out of my car was difficult. Sitting or getting up from the toilet—forget it. I was realizing that I’d soon be looking at using a motorized chair—and I’m way too young for that.

After taking the Max International intra cellular glutathione accelerator for about six weeks, my knee had improved 95%

The person who introduced the product to me found that her cholesterol normalized after years of having issues with it. We can say that because cholesterol is not a medical diagnosis. She has also become free of two prescription meds.

After being on Max intra cellular glutathione accelerator for a month one lady reported that for the first time in years her blood tests showed a normal white blood cell count.

Another woman, after just a few weeks reported that all the swelling and pain in her fingers were gone.

Another gentleman never wakes up with clenched painful fingers like he did before glutathione.

Another woman got rid of brain fog and pains in her shoulder muscles.

Another's short term memory stabilized.

Remember, significantly boosting glutathione simply gives you back the glutathione that your body has been not producing.

What will it mean if each cell is no longer inflamed?

What will it mean if toxins are eliminated from every cell in your body?

What will it mean if your immune system is stronger?

What will it mean if your hemoglobin carries more oxygen?

What will it mean if every cell can make the most of the vitamin A, C, E, and alpha lipoic acid available to it?

There are many glutathione supplements available. The problem is that glutathione is a large tripeptide molecule and the stomach thinks it's food, so most of it gets digested and never gets past the stomach. The result is that you might obtain a 20-30% boost in your glutathione levels--hardly enough to make a difference.

Both MaxOne and Nano Glutathione get past the limitations of other glutathione supplements and end up boosting your glutathione levels by 270% or more.

If you have intestinal issues, it's recommended that you add 750 mg/day of L-Glutamin

Max GXL and Max Sport by Max International
Max GXL and Max Sport--the main difference is that Max sport is in a vegetable capsule instead of a gelatin capsule and is certified for athletes. Both contain L glutamine which is integral for intestinal health in keeping toxins from the digestive tract from getting absorbed into the body and taxing the immune system. They also contain N-Acetyl-D-Glucosamine which supports the body from the immune system turning on the body itself (auto immune issues). Here again, use MaxOne and purchase supplemental N-Acetyl-D-Glucosamine from your health food supplier or from the internet.

Because of both Max Sport and Max GXL contain shell fish and mushroom components which contributes to allergy issues, this site no longer handles either product. The MaxOne product only requires one capsule twice a day as opposed to three capsules of either Max GXL or Max Sport. MaxOne is hypoallergenic and has no problem ingredients for professional athletes.

Because glutathione is a detoxifyer, you'll need to drink lots of water and read about detox reactions below!

MaxOne by Max International
It’s recommended that you take one capsules twice daily—one capsule in the morning and one later in the afternoon. Drink lots of water—I mean lots of water (at least a full glass with every capsule and as close to a gallon of water a day if you can). If the desired changes in your body don’t happen after two weeks it’s suggested that you increase to three-four capsules day—unless you’re going through detox as is explained below.

Detox Reactions

Toxins accumulate in our bodies because of low glutathione levels. The accumulation of these toxins contributes to premature aging.

When you begin taking the glutathione accelerator of your choice your glutathione levels will increase. When this happens the glutathione will detoxify your body. When it does this, the toxins are released from your cells and into the bloodstream where they will be eliminated by your kidneys and liver.  It is then normal to go through a detox reaction during which you may experienced as muscle cramps, dizziness, achiness, constipation, flu like symptoms and so on from toxins being expelled from your body. Click here for more information on. With MaxOne, it's completely hypoallergenic so any discomfort whatsoever is attributed to detox. With Max GXL and Max Sport breathing problems and severe itchy skin most likely are an allergic response and you need to stop taking it after which the symptoms will disappear. 

One lady wrote, "I experienced 4 days in a row of fatigue, brain fog nausea and feeling generally lousy that my doctor identified as heavy metal detox. That began a week after I began to take max. One of my customers age 41 had 2-3 weeks on and off of fatigue and flu like symptoms. He had had several surgeries in the past few years and he felt there were toxins in his body related to his knee surgeries. Just a guess.

 In Dr Keller’s book the lady who was relieved of all symptoms-- rigid muscles, shuffle, shaking, etc.--had two weeks of being sick while taking max before her remarkable and quick recovery from a neurological disorder.

If you experience detox symptoms, it’s suggested that you reduce your intake to 1 capsule a day or one capsule every other day until the detox reactions are gone and then gradually increase to one capsule twice a day. 

One additional note about vitamins:
Max One contains no supplemental vitamins. It is recommended that to provide the nutrients glutathione needs in your body to create and maintain excellent health that you also take supplemental vitamins and minerals.
The Complete Nutritional System by Rainbow Light is one of the best.

I would also recommend taking a mineral supplement that I’ve used personally for nearly two decades is Nature's Gift® Ionic Minerals. It comes in packets that are added to your daily drinking water. The minerals are dispensed into the water and consumed in ionic form.

After you’ve experienced the phenomenal results in improvement of your physical health, you may want to share MaxOne with your friends and acquaintances.  Inquire for more details.

Order your MaxOne by clicking here or going to https://theorganicskincare.com/collections/supplements/products/maxone%E2%84%A2-glutathione-accelerator-60-capsules

  These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
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